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box-pro-view-greenPRO-VIEW is a PC application which supports the operational use of the PROLIST workflows in the inquiry and procurement of process control engineering devices and systems between users (e.g. in the chemical industry) and equipment manufacturers/suppliers (e.g. in the electronic industry).

Enter the PROLIST Workflow for free with PRO-VIEW!

With PRO-VIEW device specifications can be provided, read and edited in accordance with PROLIST NE 100 in XML format and thus helps to lower transaction costs in electronic data exchange.

PRO-VIEW is free of charge!


  • In accordance to NE 100 3.2
  • Enhanced comparison function  (data and units)
  • Intuitive user interface (GUI)
  • 100% PROLIST NE 100 compliant reference implementation
  • Supports polymorphism, cardinality and blocks (BML) in accordance with PROLIST specifications
  • Easy to integrate
  • Fast entrance to PROLIST Workflow for small and medium-sized companies
  • Stand-Alone-System - no server technology needed
  • Compable: With MS Windows XP®, MS Windows Vista® and MS Windows 7®

Device data performance characteristics

  • Views
  • Search in device data
  • Reading of compressed XML transaction data

File format

  • 100% PROLIST NE 100 3.2 compliant XML 2.0
  • Adobe PDF® export


 Datenblatt PRO-VIEW (DE)
 Handbuch PRO-VIEW (DE)
 Installationsanleitung PRO-VIEW (DE)
 PRO-VIEW 2.11 Release (EXE) - NE100 3.1.2
 PRO-VIEW 2.11 Release (ZIP) - NE100 3.1.2
 PRO-VIEW 3.0 Release (EXE) - NE100 3.2
 PRO-VIEW 3.0 Release (ZIP) - NE100 3.2
 xChangelog PRO-VIEW


More information:

Tel.: +43-1-236 66 68 - 0

Mail:  info(at)